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Sport In Action Volunteer To Represent Zambia In Berlin

Beauty Siatontola to attend the Discover Football Referees and Coaches Conference 2018

Monze ‘s Sport In Action Volunteer Beauty Siatontola  is one of the 15 referees from over 25 countries across the globe chosen to represent Zambia at the Discover Football Referees and Coaches Conference 2018.

Siatontola currently is site coordinator at Sport In Action and referee with the Football Association of Zambia for the past six years.

It’s a one-time shot” said Siatontola “I  feel very happy to be attending the referees conference as I look forward to improving my refereeing standards.”

Siatontola the first Sport In Action coordinator from Monze choosen for the discover football referees and coaches conference this year.

We are very fortunate at Sport In Action to have a dedicated ,talented person representing the organisation and country in berlin and to experience and explore” said Sport In Action Program Manager Konsolo Mwape. “Siatontola has  participated fully in the program with enthusiasm and dedication and it shows. She has excelled in activities and in the community. We are incredibly proud of you.”

The Discover Football referees and coaches conference 2018 will be held in Berlin from the 1st to the 4th of December 2018 with the aim of exchanging, networking and advancing referees and coaches skills and knowledge. The ambitious women will work together on practical football exercises and trainings as well as off the pitch seminars. The focus of the conference is to promote young talent and leadership skills as football referees and coaches to advance women’s football and women’s rights.

Siatontola said being choosen is an honour.

I am really excited to go” she added.  “I am looking forward to having a great experience at the conference.”