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University Partners

The Wallace Group collaboration was formed in 2004 and today encompasses eight of the top universities from the United Kingdom; University of Durham, University of Bath, Cardiff Metropolitan University, Loughborough University, University of Northumbria, University of St Andrews, University of Stirling, The University of Edinburgh and the University of Bath.

The group has shared a commitment to support the development of sport in Zambia through ‘the Volunteer Zambia project’ and each year the eight universities join forces to send around 80-100 student and staff volunteers out to Zambia to support Sport in Action and key Zambian partners.

We exploit the academic and professional prowess across our institutions to provide experts across a number of different fields in order to help build capacity and ensure the projects, structures and practices we support are sustainable.

University Map

University of St Andrews

University of Stirling

University of Edinburgh

Northumbria University

Durham University

Cardiff Metropolitan University

Loughborough University

University of Bath