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"Volunteer Zambia truly is a unique opportunity that all with ambitions to work within the sport industry should strongly consider."

"Volunteer Zambia is an amazing programme for many different reasons but the people made my experience. The fellow volunteers in the programme that you meet are so influential and they become your best friends."

“Volunteer Zambia was one of the best experiences of my entire life, I would recommend anyone who is interested in sport and development to go!”

“I’ve learnt that most things are possible if you put your mind to them. Getting around Zambia in a wheelchair was a challenge at times, but with the help of other members of the group, I managed to do everything I was hoping to. I hope to work for the Foreign Office or an international NGO after leaving university, and believe Volunteer Zambia will improve my chances of getting this type of job. I would encourage other students to get involved, as they certainly won’t regret it! Volunteer Zambia has been one of the best experiences of my life and seeing just how grateful the players are really makes it worthwhile.”

“The overwhelming aura of community is contagious, there is a general sense of ‘tough love’ but in my opinion this breeds resilient youngsters and as a result strong independent young adults. The opportunity I had as the staff member for the UKSport IDEALS project is an extremely unique one and I cannot thank both the Wallace Group and UKSport enough. Thank you for a once in a lifetime opportunity I will treasure the memories!”

“Zambia was a life-changing experience for me. I will never forget the opportunities I had, the friendships I made and the children I coached. It will always be close to my heart.”

“My experience went beyond my expectations- it was undeniably amazing but I didn’t expect to become so rooted in Zambia. I really did not want to leave by the end of the 2 months. Some of the people I met in Zambia are by far the happiest people I know and that was inspirational.”

"When I go for PE I can get my mind off a lot of things, it really refreshes my mind. I learn a lot of things when I go for PE because its not all about having fun and keeping fit, we learn a lot on HIV & AIDS, drugs and substance abuse and what our rights are as children."

"I would like to be a soccer trainer and join Sport In Action to teach my friends the dangers of HIV and AIDS, drugs abuse because what I have learnt here I want to share."

"I used to try and segregate myself from others but the Volunteer Zambia sport program has made me find my true self, ever cheered with laughter and friends."