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A typical day

Day to day life on Volunteer Zambia

Your daily efforts will result in small, but life changing impacts. You will travel to and from your allocated placements to develop and up skill local Zambian community leaders. You will do this for the duration of your six weeks in Zambia, making immense impact, and developing tight friendships with those you are working with. In Zambia, no day is the same, which is what makes it so special. However your daily goal is to develop the coordinators, leaders, and coaches at the various hub-sites, who are working tirelessly to better their communities and the children that reside there. You will support their learning as sport coaches, coordination as sport facilitators, and leadership as mentors to the many young children that depend on them

Day-to-day life

  • Travel to YOUR hub site within Lusaka
  • Support Zambian leaders in sport education
  • Run training and coaching sessions for children and staff
  • Work with Zambian staff to deliver effective courses
  • Relax in the evenings with your fellow Zambian and UK Volunteers

Life off placement