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The Volunteer Zambia Foundation

The Volunteer Zambia Foundation is the official charity of the Wallace Group and the Volunteer Zambia project. The charity was established in 2008 to ensure that students, staff and visitors who’ve experience Zambia first-hand have a way to continue making a difference and contributing when they return home.

The Foundation (originally The Perfect Day Foundation) was founded by alumni of the original UK Sport IDEALS project (renamed Volunteer Zambia in 2017) and supports the work of Sport in Action, the Fountain of Hope orphanage, and runs an education programme for children who may not otherwise receive the opportunity.

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Fundraising Campaigns

All of the Wallace Group’s development work in Zambia relies on donations to the The Volunteer Zambia Foundation. Money is raised every year to sustain the Zambian community through new building projects, food campaigns and general living and education resources. Click the button below to donate and find out more.

2020 – Fountain of Hope appeal to ensure that the Lusaka orphanage is prepared to safeguard their residents through the coronavirus pandemic.

2017 – 20,000 items of clothing and kit donated and sent in a container to the Sport In Action offices for distribution to all placements.

2017 – Zambia 5050 fundraising challenge aiming to raise £50,000 in 5 days for sport development programs in Zambia.

2012 – Charity bike ride from Livingston – Lusaka featuring PDF amabassador, Mel Marshall and Olympic swimmers Rebecca Adlington and Adam Peaty

2011 – Food programme and Internet Café installed at Fountain of Hope

2008-2010 – Toilet and shower block renovation at Fountain of Hope

Facility Developments

Over the last 10 years we have committed to our promise to increase sport sustainability in Zambia. Every year we fund a variety of construction projects to help schools, sports teams and children achieve their maximum potential.