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New facilities at The Fountain of Hope

A combined fundraising effort from Team Durham, The Adderstone foundation and the Volunteer Zambia Foundation has resulted in the complete renovation of the toilet and shower block at Fountain of Hope Street Orphanage in Lusaka, Zambia.

These new facilities will help Fountain of Hope improve provisions and sanitation for hundreds of children in the Lusaka region.

Volunteer Zambia alumni Louisa was on placement at Fountain of Hope in the summer of 2023 and commented, “Having worked alongside Fountain of Hope staff and students, I can wholeheartedly say this new shower and toilet block will make a huge impact on the day-to-day life of everyone at the site. Not only does this provide privacy for all users but will also improve sanitation, hopefully reducing illness and helping maintain good health. This renovation is an example of the incredible work our fundraising can achieve, and I look forward to hearing how transformative this block will prove to be for everyone at Fountain of Hope.”

The Adderstone Foundation is the charity arm of Adderstone Group. Founded by Durham alumni and Professor in Practice Ian Baggett, the foundation supports and provides funds for important charities and causes.

Ian visited Zambia and Fountain of Hope in the summer of 2023 and said, “The trip was so much more than even the life changing experience they said it would be. Toilets blocks aren’t as visible or cool as a netball court, but it broke my heart to see the welfare facilities the orphans at the Fountain of Hope were having to use.  Hopefully these new facilities will greatly improve experiences there. Thank you to my brilliant old friend and teacher Peter Warburton, Jack Preston who has dedicated his working life to the most worthy of causes and the amazing Durham students who all looked after me and my eldest two children so well in Zambia last summer.”

Students at Durham University have contributed to fundraising through charity football, netball, and lacrosse fixtures alongside initiatives such as a continuous 24-hour netball match. We would like to thank everyone who contributed to the success of these initiatives.

Ms Muyunda Kalaluka, Deputy Head at The Fountain of Hope said, “We are very grateful for providing us with conducive toilets and bathing facilities that have a good running water. Continue to support us in any way you can even in the near future.”.

Peter Warburton commented: “We have supported the children at Fountain of Hope for over ten years now and have done so in many ways. Following my visit last August, it became abundantly clear to me that we needed to urgently improve the toilet and shower facilities on site for the health and safety of the children. I am hugely grateful to the Volunteer Zambia Foundation, the Adderstone Foundation and the students at Durham University for their donations that have ensured that the children now have a totally refurbished facility that will hopefully serve them for many years to come.”