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Graduation Day for 46 New Coaches

Sport in Action and Volunteer Zambia are proud to announce the graduation of 46 coaches who now receive their Basic level coaching certificate in basketball, football, and netball!

These 46 passionate individuals underwent six internal workshops organised and run by Sport in Action in partnership with the Wallace Group through the Volunteer Zambia project.

The certificate awards ceremony was attended by guests of honour from each sport’s respective national federations including Mr. Maziko Phiri, the President of Zambia Basketball Federation, Jesy Hewuka, Netball Zambia Vice President Technical and Lyson Zuli, Technical Director at Football Association of Zambia. Each shared their joy at seeing so many young coaches strive to make a future in sport and make such a profound commitment to their communities.

Jack Preston, International Sport Development Manager commented:

“Seeing these young coaches receive their award is one of my favourite events of the year. It is incredible to see these young leaders not only take an interest in, but also pioneer the change being created in their communities through the power of sport. The quality, and capacity of young coaches we are now seeing coming through the respective sports pathways, beginning at the hub-sites, is so promising for the future of sport in Zambia.”

Volunteer Zambia participant Anna Crabb noted:

“Being a part of the workshops with this amazing group of coaches has been really special. I have loved watching their confidence and love for the sport grow deeper.  Watching them graduate was probably the most rewarding thing to witness and will be a day I never forget. You could really see what all their effort and hard work meant to them, and to see it pay off was truly incredible.  I am luckily enough to say I was part of their journey and can’t wait to see what amazing things they will continue to do for their hub sites.”