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Introducing the Youngest Head Coach in World Netball

Meet Andreas Tembo aged just 27 years old, the Head Coach of the Zambian Netball team.

Andreas is no stranger to Volunteer Zambia and Sport in Action.

He is an exemplary example of an individual who has actively sought personal development and progression by taking advantage of the netball pathway’s in place. His journey begun as a local volunteer in his neighbourhood community at Chibolya Hub Site.

“Seeing how kids grew up in Chibolya, there was nothing for girls, so I volunteered and through learning about Sport In Action I met with schools to put platforms in place to increase participation”.

Andreas then took up a position as the Hub Site Coordinator, growing netball structures in the local community from strength to strength.

“Without the Hub Sites, netball would be dead, it is important that there is a solid foundation, and the Hub Sites give a chance to athletes, but also to coaches & match officials”.

Andreas’ enthusiasm continued to grow, and he became Netball Coordinator for Lusaka reaching out to more communities and facilitating sports development initiatives. He wasted no time in pausing his sporting journey in Lusaka however, taking up a role with Sport in Action as National Netball Hub Site Coordinator.

“The Hub Sites gave me a platform to be seen through Netball”.

“Without Netball I wouldn’t be here”.

The continual development of grassroots activities has benefitted many girls across Zambia and has brought communities together by using sport to engage and reengage young girls in education.

“People’s lives are key. It helps us keep young girls away from the slums and prepares them to not only be good players but be more responsible too”.

Not only was Andreas learning through personal experience he was completing coaching courses giving him the chance to earn international accredited qualifications.

As a result of the pathway models and his qualifications, Andreas’s experiences and talents were recognised by the national Zambian Netball Federation who were keen to have him on board in their coaching set up.

Originally as Assistant Head Coach, he then reached one of his ultimate goals when Netball Zambia offered him the biggest coaching role in Zambia, allowing him to step up to become Head Coach.

“Netball Zambia put a lot of trust in me to appoint me, and now it is time to prove they made the right call”.

Andreas has had a strong start in his role leading Zambia to a bronze medal in the nation’s inaugural participation in the Pacific Aus Sport Netball series.

Highlighting the reason for the team’s success playing in Australia, Andreas notes the importance of team chemistry.

“Netball for me is more family. I want people to play for each other. “We got the team to play united like a family and looked to achieve something positive”.

He remains confident about Zambia’s future insisting that future World Cup qualification is there for the taking.

“Next World Cup we will not be watching it at home”

While discussing his coaching skills and abilities Andreas is quick to showcase his views and tell you how he likes to put a stamp on his team.

“My 3 non negotiables as a coach are discipline, commitment, and fitness. If you can’t come and sacrifice, you can’t be a part of my team”.

Despite taking up a role with great responsibility, Andreas still has a lot of love for sporting action at local communities.

“Even as Head Coach of the national team, I’m still training with the under 12s and under 10s when I return to my hometown”.

“The biggest opportunity netball gave me was the ability to help with other people’s lives”

Netball for sure is on the rise within Zambia and Africa, and coupled with the fearlessness and determination of people like Andreas the sport is in a good place. His journey in netball from 2012 as a volunteer all the way up to becoming the youngest Head Coach in World Netball, will continue to inspire future generation.