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Celebrating the success of Sport in Action’s National Hub Site Coordinator Monica Chidila

Born in Lusaka, Monica’s sporting journey is something special. From progressing as a coach to holding a senior position as a National Hub Site Coordinator, netball in Zambia would not be the same without her. Monica is a role model for others to follow and to inspire to, with her at the epicentre of netball across Zambia, she coordinates participation, providing many young Zambians an opportunity to learn and progress through sport.

Originally joining Sport In Action as a coach in Mtendere by a friend, Monica grew in confidence and began to develop her skills and reach her potential by becoming a competition manager at Mtendere. This led to her visiting other sites across Lusaka facilitating competitions and inspiring others to take up sports. However, fraught with logistical issues, Monica took her own initiative into her own hands. By creating her own Hub Site at Kaunda Square, Monica identified key community areas visiting schools, churches, and communities to drive up netball participation. Agreement was secured with the Head teacher at nearby Kiine School who were able to offer a safe and welcoming place for people to play netball.

It is critical to notice that Monica’s work goes beyond her time on the court too, and she is keen to stress this when talking about her role in the community.

“Encouraging girls for life skills, staying focused and personally talking to them to encourage them for a brighter future”.

“I want to encourage. The sky is the limit, as long as they have passion to do it. Passion to see the girls doing sport, they can always learn, life is a process”.

Monica continued to grow from strength to strength driving up netball participation numbers across Lusaka, sustaining a thriving Hub Site at Kaunda Square. Recognising her success, Sport in Action offered Monica a part-time position as a National Hub Site Coordinator. Monica quickly began showing her passion and love for netball implementing Hub Sites nationwide.

“Starting in my role I was able to create Hub Sites outside of Lusaka, and to see them still existing and developing now is really pleasing, particularly after implementing them on my own”.

Monica is one of many exemplary examples of coaches and coordinators who have developed their skills as a result of the pathway structures in place within Netball in Zambia.

“ Previously I wasn’t much of a social person, however ever since I joined, I have developed communications and organisation skills by leading workshops and organising tournaments”.

As a National Hub Site Coordinator Monica is readily aware of the role she can teach future netball generation by passing on her experiences and sharing her expertise.

“It’s a pathway, if I am the Hub Site Coordinator it’s important, I can mentor someone if I move or am not there. Same applies with all the roles we have whether that be the competitions manager or life skills reader”.

The existing netball structures in place are firmly supported by Monica and she is keen to encourage other nations to take advantage of the platforms and success stories seen throughout Zambia.

“They can learn by focusing on grassroots to be sustainable. There’s no involvement with money as it is done within communities. With no expenses girls can become involved more”.

“I would really love it if it could expand to other countries so everyone can be part of the sport”

Looking ahead Monica wishes to build on her successful implementation of Hub Sites out with Lusaka and bring people together through the power of sport.

“I wish to stay in sport as long as I bring girls together I am happy, and hopefully in the next few years I will see players from Hub Sites outside Lusaka, and particularly Kaputa where I come from in the national team”

It is fair to see that Netball in Zambia is in a far better place with Monica at the helm, and her passion for helping others achieve success in life through sport is evident to see.

Stay tuned for further inspiring sporting voices and experiences, as we look forward to the Netball World Cup to be held in Cape Town South Africa.

It’s Africa’s Time to Shine.

Sandy Coull