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ACE 2 Zambia take action in Lusaka

A group of six Architecture and Engineering students from Bath University have landed in Lusaka, Zambia as part of 2023’s Volunteer Zambia cohort.  

ACE 2 Zambia aims to provide and renovate permanent sports facilities in Zambian communities. This is accessible via a strong relationship with Sport in Action. The group will be renovating the basketball court and changing rooms at Kabwata playpark hub-site before moving their attention to the netball court at Mtendere community school. The initiative has partnered with McCoys Building Solutions to fulfil the group’s vision.  

Site Engineer Andrew Phiri said “As a site engineer, I really expect good work from these guys. We need to work and give the quality the community expect for them to benefit. As engineers we will learn from how they do it in their country and how we do it in ours. I am excited to share this knowledge. These projects are for the community so if we can bring up facilities like this it’s really a big plus for the community. These facilities are for everyone, and they will appreciate this work.” 

Gideon Mumba National Netball Co-ordinator said “I am so excited and I cannot wait to see this court get a new face, it will help many young girls and boys who come here to do activities and the community will definitely benefit from this work.” 

Sandy Coull