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A Day at Mtendere Football Site

In the distance players work together to carry the goal posts to the pitch. The dedication from the players shows how incredible the football community is here. Player by player, the number of people increases, you instantly feel excited and engaged because of the smiles and happiness of everyone around. Starting from under eights all the way to under 17’s the players and coaches are ready to create the future of football…

Playing football with the view of Lusaka in the background is incredible, it inspires everyone to keep going and one day they will reach their goal. The coaches support the players with all of their dream and guide them down the best paths.

Since Christmas, 20 more girls have began playing football at Mtendere, this has impacted on them massively. Within six weeks of working with them I have seen a big increase with their self confidence and personal skills. They join in with the boys in training which allows them to feel good about themselves and that they can do anything the boys can do. Again, the community grows stronger and stronger.

Samuel leads Mtendere football with pride. He not only supports the children and coaches at the site but also supports them in their local community. He is a person that is highly valued within the Mtendere community and he should be proud of how many lives he is changing.