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2019 Group 1 Blog: Week 4

Monday morning and it’s the first of six football workshops that will be taking place over the summer. We had a good turnout with a lot of keen Zambian leaders looking to improve their football knowledge. We covered the four corners model, a warm-up and a passing drill that progressed into a game. The peer leaders all commented about how good the workshop was so it can be considered a success!

On Tuesday, I visited Kabwata playground and it was class! I helped big Charlotte with basketball coaching all day; I had a lot of fun and took a lot of photos with the kids.

Wednesday, however, it is my favourite day as I’m back with my favourite girls Abigail and Mundaula for Munali basketball; they bossed the session as usual.

Alarm set for the BIG trip, Saturday 5am and we are out of here!!!! IM EXCITED!!

A lot of sleepy heads were waiting on the bus, but Albert was running on Zambian time of course! 4.55am and Alex decided to boil eggs on the cooker that usually takes half an hour to boil water!!

The big fun yellow bus finally arrived and we all just about fit on there with our luggage, as well as Albert’s two mates, and the live chicken pick up on the way home!

Charlotte cleverly had the journey on stopwatch on her phone. The journey surprisingly flew by unlike the journey home. We arrived at Livingstone to a vibrant cosy hostel, where the bar looked friendly and inviting. We freshened up and darted out to the sunset cruise where, Liam, Charlotte and I liaised with Captain Katusi and had our own personal photo shoot. We had a lot of fun, I saw crocodiles and hippos and the sunset was seen by all – it was blindingly beautiful.

The morning after the Zambezi specials, Botswana Safari here we come. The Safari was incredible but breakfast and lunch included tipped me over the edge – best day ever!

On the first part of the Safari we enjoyed a relaxing river cruise where we saw fierce crocodiles, happy hippos and colourful rare birds. On land we then took a rickety jeep through unbelievable scenery. The sun was shinning and there were Elephants everywhere. We also saw antelopes, buffalos, zebras and a lonely giraffe. A fun day had by all, finished with a group outing to Olgas Italian Restaurant.

Zoe Rogers, Cardiff Met

Fergus Knight