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Hub Sites

Increasing Capacity – Developing Leaders – Engaging Communities – Making an Impact

The Wallace Group is working with Sport In Action and Zambia’s National Sports Federations to develop community hub sites, with the aim of providing sustainable programmes that widen the impact of sport across Zambia.

The goal of the hub sites is to deliver sports and life skills to children, and give those involved the chance to do what they love, develop a close community of friends and role models, and improve their quality of life. The sites broaden the demographic for the engagement of new leaders, and give existing peer leaders an opportunity for a new role with a specific purpose.

The Wallace Group now has a permanent presence in Zambia, which has helped to establish dozens of community sites around Lusaka that provide activity most evenings each week, all year round. The sites are run by Zambian volunteers (the majority women and girls), empowering them to learn skills and develop at the same time as enriching young people’s lives within their communities.

“In the community, by the community, for the community”

A hub site is a central venue within the community, offering sport specific training and competition.

Located, owned and run within the community they serve, the sites are focused on the creation of pathways, the empowerment and development of young individuals within the community (primarily women and girls), and have an underlying focus on sustainability.

Through the hub sites, teams are formed and training is provided once a week by a dedicated coach and team leader. Teams travel around the hub-sites for weekly league games or less frequent tournaments.

“In the community, by the community, for the community”

  1. Comprised of the right people, who are involved for the right reasons
  2. Creation and awareness of opportunities, work specific experience, and an avenue to engage a higher level of female leadership
  3. Competition! Children want to play and have fun, and the hub sites give them the opportunity to play and use their new skills on the regular basis.
Key Principles
Comprised of the right people who want to create and raise awareness for sport development opportunities. Development and engagement of high level female leadership. Competition! So children can play and have fun.

The hub sites are run by a site convenor and managed by a leadership committee, formed from a group of committed individuals from the community who have shown an interest in the initiative.

These are often teachers, coaches, and guardians who are already contributing directly through a group participating at the hub site, and who wish for greater involvement.

Members of the committee have their own individual areas of responsibility, which provide a pathway for people to develop their skills as leaders, coaches, officials or managers.

Collectively they come together to ensure effective delivery of a programme that is tailored for their community. Each member of the team has to be accountable to and for each other for success; ensuring sport is now sustainable in these communities.

Current hub sites?

In the space of only 6 months we have helped to implement hubs in the following areas…

  • Kalingalinga Netball
  • Chibolya Netball
  • Chawama Netball
  • Mtendere Netball
  • Matero Netball
  • Kaunda Square Netball
  • Olympafrica Netball
  • Munali Girls Basketball
  • Kabwata Basketball
  • Kafue Basketball
  • Munali Volleyball
  • John Howard Netball

Future hub sites?

It is hoped that new sites will be developed within the following communities:

  • Chipata Netball
  • Ellensdale Netball
  • Chongwe Basketball
  • Matero Basketball
  • Livingstone Netball